About Us

Our concept of dressing reflects how we view ourselves and how we want others to view us. It’s a non-verbal (sometimes verbal) way of communicating one’s values and personality. Here at Chinelles, we load refreshing and inspiring thoughts into many of our products, making them one-of-a-kind pieces.

So, you like ‘unique’? We do too! You need some inspirational products? This is the place! You want them classy? We’re on the same page! You’re eco-friendly? We are too! Affordability? Yes please! Durability? Absolutely! Those were the values that inspired Chinelles Collection and are reflected in every item we sell. 

We showcase clothing for women, men, children, couples as well as various accessories. Many of our products are made from organic and eco-friendly materials.

We work very closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure consistent high standards.

We’re big on customer service. We highly value and appreciate every customer. That’s why we’re committed to providing you the best possible customer experience each time you shop with us. 

There’s a unique piece at Chinelles Collection for every occasion. So, whether you want to refresh your daytime look, go for a dinner date, update your child’s drip, give a unique gift to your one and only, lounge at home or anything in between - we have you covered. You’re in the right place!